Thursday, December 18, 2014

EP Issue: The Web Control *name* is not deployed. Verify that the Web Control is listed in the AOT

In preparation for a go-live of Dynamics AX 2012, part of the process is moving your current/tested Model Store up to Production during cutover (or some time shortly before). This also requires a re-deploying of any Enterprise Portal enhancements you may have made.

However, there is a possibility that during this deployment and subsequent testing, several issues can arise on your Production EP portal for various pages. EP can seem like a bit of a black box when it comes to these error messages but one in particular we encountered that has an easy solution.

After a deployment, users accessing Enterprise Portal could encounter a message at the top of the page which says:

'The Web Control *name* is not deployed. Verify that the Web Control is listed in the AOT'.

The reason for this issue is technically given by the error, although you may have actually run the deployment of EP from System Admin > Setup > EP > Deployments. The problem is that in some scenarios, it has been found that this deployment will NOT deploy all controls, and in fact will remove/replace any that are out there, which could lead to a much smaller number of files generated/deployed to EP than there should be.

The scenario we ran into was that the full deployment of EP web controls actually removed the current Proxies files and replaced them with new ones, but did not create all as intended. The deploy ended up generating about 329 files, instead of the expected 1,312. This is the reason for the error.

To check this, go to the server where Enterprise Portal is installed (where the website sits). Check the 'C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\33456\App_Code\Proxies' folder. Your port number may be different depending upon your setup/installation. Just do a quick look at the file count in that folder (usually bottom right of folder when open). Then compare that count to the same folder in one of your EP servers for an environment where EP works. The good one should have many more files than your 'bad' one.

  1. Copy all of those Proxies from the working environment folder and paste them into the folder for the offending environment. 
  2. Perform an IISRESET on the EP server
  3. Re-open EP and it should be resolved. 

*Note: Save a backup of these folders/files externally in case the issue occurs again

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